Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy -
Today, forty-six years ago, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed, starting a violent, chaotic decade of change. The United States had experienced nearly a dozen years of peaceful economic expansion. The threat of the 'Cold War', the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam although very real, were a fact of life. President Kennedy's naive approach to relations with the than Soviet Union, gave us a brief glimpse of the foreign policy challenges that Kennedy fumbled. The gravity of his death clouded the deep problems dividing the Democrat party, his unfaithful marriage and his passive action on civil rights.

Today, there are many that do not believe the 'official' version of his murder, and his death remains unsolved. Yet, others have placed him and his presidency above the fray of politics. In Camelot, in myth his life is remembered.

In less than two hundred years of American history, John F. Kennedy was the fourth president assassinated. He was forty-six years old.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hillary, Where are you?

The Health Care Bill has passed! Yesterday or last night, the House of Representatives voted not to represent America. Instead, they moved the Country closed to disaster and conceded to the wishes of the "special interest groups," - follow the money. Mr. Obama made another campaign pitch on Capitol Hill, this time with some results. All of the Democrats were present and accounted for to get the bill through the hurdle. Except Hillary.

As Congress pushes America closer to destroying the "Free Enterprises System" in United States, Health Care as it is known will be demolished with the rest of our "sick" economy. President Obama did not have political charm in the elections in 2009. The voters showed the Congress that there are Americans that are very concerned with endless, careless spending. Now, with the Tax and Tax Energy Bill - there will be no small businesses left.

In 1993, our economy was much healthier and Hillary R. Clinton proposed sweeping changes to Health Care, with no success. She has put her time in on Capitol Hill, as First Lady and Senator. Many of the "ideas" articulated in her bill were brought forward sixteen years, with extra baggage.

Now, Hillary is no way to found in Washington DC. Infact, Secretary Clinton is as faraway from this drama as any politician can be - Berlin, Germany. Yep, the wall is gone, after twenty years ago since the fall, a wall that was built to keep East Berliners in. The building started in 1960 when there was an East and West Berlin. Presidents Kennedy and Reagan spoke of freedom and liberty. And our current President, Mr. Obama declined an invitation from Chancellor Merkel to be present at the celebration. Why isn't President Obama representing our Country? Again, we are not being represented by our leader.

Does Secretary Clinton dare go where Barry and Joe will not? Is it the destiny of Hillary R. Clinton, as the Hawk Democrat, to save the party that has fallen to the left? Hillary 2012???


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